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It’s Ours

An award-winning 7-minutes solo on the aerial rope combining elegance and strength with fluidity and dynamic acrobatic moves.

Versions on different music available.

Full video on request.


picture by Tilman Pfäfflin

Hyldra Collective

Collaboration with Naomi Bratthammer. Together Naomi and Emma developed a unique technique using the rope as a third partner to manipulate each other. They explore it in their two dance-circus-pieces “When we started wanting” and “Fandado”. Duration: 10 min/ 25 min.
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We went to Internationale Tanzmesse NRW 2022 supported by Kreativ Transfer! Thank you!!

Artwork by Kate MacDowell


An experimental circus and music research project about the notion of being lost in a civilisation as estranged from nature as ours. Click here to read the blog.
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Elective Affinities / Wahlverwandschaften (AT)

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A research in progress around the concept of care beyond species. How does a stone perceive the world? How to approach this seemingly lifeless medium?

During our research with the 8 rather big granit stones, Ana Jordão and I realised that it is exactly their characteristics of being heavy, rough and hard that demand a very careful and almost tender handling.

A WIP Showing took place on 16th of December 2022 @ The Studio Holzmarkt 25. We are looking for a residency and venue for the premiere in autumn 2023.

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picture by Phoenix Athens

Performance of the Absent

A performance inspired by the play “Neighing” by Marios Pontikas. The archetypes of greek mythology have left us. Now we have to face the apocalypse they have predicted. Directed by Chara Kasaraki. Dramaturgy by Emma Laule.

picture by Dmitry Shakhin

Cirque Bouffon: ‘Lunatique/Coeur à Coeur / Solvo

Production of Cirque Bouffon combining life music with poetic circus in the style of Cirque Nouveau. Directed by Frédéric Zipperlin. The show toured from 2017-2018.


picture by Julius Zier

Vertical Rope Duo

Award winning Duo with Charlotte de la Bretèque. Throughout the act Charlotte and Emma share the space on a vertical rope not without getting into each other’s way. As they climb over, hang from one another or pull into a planche or a handstand in the rope they keep teasing each other in a playful way. This act is about a friendship: About support and trust and about the small revenges, and the lightness of taking it all with a smile.


picture by Love Kjellsson

Knekke Greine

Site-specific performance of the ENTmanagement. “Stones awake and forest spirits make rope climbing art. With Knekke Greine, ’The North Mountain’ received enchanted life. In the performance the forest is alive in many ways. It gets dangerous and mysterious, as in children’s games and in folklore.” -Sundsvalls Tidning

picture by Nicolas Zolin

Sea Clowns

The Sea Clowns are an open group of performers traveling by sailboat between the greek Islands, aiming to inspire and motivate others with circus, art and music.

Reseach: Instrumentalisierung

How can movement and sound be directly connected? And how does this connection become visible and tangible?

In a circus sound installation, the vertical rope circus apparatus literally becomes an instrument. Every movement in the rope creates sounds that are picked up by contact microphones and then manipulated using a synthesizer. The resulting new sounds should in turn serve as inspiration for the movement. This creates a spiral of mutual impulses.

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